Are you a clean eating fitness buff
who feels like a flubba-dub-chubs?

Do you need to hit the food & fitness reset button?

To be honest – I wrote this food program for MYSELF! I love working out, HARD. I love to push myself. I love seeing what my body can do in my workouts. Of course I follow it up with clean eating. No crap, no grains, no sugar, no fake stuff. But alas, even I start to slip away from my program. You know what I’m talking about… It starts with adding in some extra (extra) agave to your tea, then pretty soon your lunches get so large you’d think you were feeding the Lakers, then before you know it you are scrapping the bottom of a coconut ice cream carton while double fisting a jar of almond butter.

It’s not cute.
It doesn’t feel good.
It SUCKS not feeling like your kick-ass-lean-bodied-self.

YOU my friend need a giant kick in the face to jump start yourself back into your usual clean eating routine.

Enter my 6 Day SLAM Plan!

Designed to help you tighten, tone, shrink,
and drop a few pounds super FAST.

I want to tell you that it won’t be easy and it will not be comfortable. But all my testimonials say my 6 Day SLAM Plan was the easiest eating program to follow! Go figure!

So here is what I do guarantee – I will make it simple to understand, follow, and stick to! Your breakfast (AKA your new favorite meal) will be the same each day. You’ll have options for lunch, dinner, and your snacks.

The next 6 days will not offer a great deal of variety. But to me, the simplicity is what I love most. It makes it easy to shop for, plan, travel with, and consume. The less time I spend on shopping, planning, preparing, and thinking about the food, the more time I have for other things! The next 6 days are all about making your life easy, not obsessing over your food choices, and just getting down to the business of dropping a few inches.

Did I mention this program is designed to be done with an exercise program? This is NOT a starvation diet where you eat air sandwiches and sit quietly on the couch watching Ellen. The 6 Day SLAM Plan was designed for you fitness super stars that love to keep up your usual exercise routine while fine tuning your food program. Because you know you FEEL your best when your food is on track AND your body is moving!

And, just look how sexy the inside is!

SLAM insides 2

Dude, let’s get started already!

Oh wait… First you have to pay me dammit!! I have three different options giving you lots of ways to make this program a perfect fit for YOU, your needs, and your budget.

*Your SLAM Plan comes as a PDF file for immediate download! BOOM!*


Just The Book – ONLY $19

Get my complete 6 Day SLAM Plan e-Book which includes: your exact daily menu, signature breakfast shake recipe, hydration schedule, food planner, how I eat, food timing, shopping list, vegan modifications, weekly sample workouts, my exact workouts, PLUS my best tips & tricks to make your program a success!

Click for all the delicious details.

slam 2

The Book + Video Session – ONLY $99

- Complete 6 Day SLAM Plan e-Book PLUS 30 minutes of video conferencing with me
– Use your video time to chat with me about questions you may have, program specifics, challenges you will face, anything that freaks you out, and how I can help make this program a perfect for you, your style, your schedule and your life!

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Slam 3

The Book + Double Video Conferences + Customized Fitness Program

ONLY $499

– Complete 6 Day SLAM Plan e-Book PLUS 1 Hour of video conferencing with me (split into 1, 2, or 3 sessions)

– Unlimited email support for 10 days. Yes! 10 days! Your 10 days of email support include a 2 day prep, all 6 days of the SLAM Plan, and 2 days post SLAM plan

– Customized 8 day workout program! Workout program includes prep workout, all 6 days of your SLAM Plan, and a single post SLAM workout!

Click for all the extra juicy delicious details

I want to be VERY clear. I am NOT a doctor, nutritionist, dietician, or certified food coach. I am in no way authorized, certified, or licensed in any way to give nutritional advice. This program is simply what I do, and what works for me. That’s it! In reading and following this program you agree that you understand and acknowledge that this program is just the program I follow and I do not claim anything except that it is what works for me, my lifestyle, my schedule, my food limitations, and my body.

Who is this program for? This program is for those who already eat real, clean, whole, and healthy food 70% of the time – BUT need a kick in the face to get back on track, clean it up, ditch the starchy carbs, return to veggie paradise, stop over eating, drink way more H2O, realize it’s ok to be a little hungry…all to ultimately SLAM your body and your eating habits back into a good place in just 6 short days.

Here's What People Are Saying About My 6 Day SLAM Plan!


The SLAM plan was just what I needed to slam me back into conscious eating. Not only did I lose 5 pounds, it reminded me how much I love raw vegetables. It made a trip to the farmer’s market the only real shopping trip I needed to make. It gave me some great, easy options for preworkout fuel. And ENDING all eating by 7pm got me into the habit of eating with my 2-year-old (instead of waiting to eat until after I got her to bed), plus the simplicity of the SLAM plan dinner (mostly vegetables with a some delicious avocado) helped me get my dinner made in time to join my daughter at the table, and ended the “Where should we order/pick up (too much) food from?” discussion my husband and I had fallen into the habit of having nightly.

Cindy Chupack

Emmy-winning writer/producer and author of The Longest Date

I lost 6 pounds this week on the SLAM Program. My clothes are now fitting the way I want them to : ) I love the plan—it was very easy to follow and surprisingly, very filling! I never felt hungry and didn’t have food cravings, like I’m prone to when I eat too much sugar and starches. I could actually see myself modifying my permanent diet to the SLAM plan because it was so satisfying and easy. I would highly recommend this plan for anyone who wants a quick plan to get back on track or a healthier way of eating.”

Julia M. Breitman

Executive Area Manager. Arbonne International


“I loved, loved, loved the 6 Day Slam Plan! I was able to eat healthily but not starve my body. I walked away with some amazing healthy habits that I didn’t have before. I now wake up in the morning more awake and ready to hit the ground running because I don’t go to bed full. I loved starting my day with the Parker Wonder Shake. It was filling, delicious and healthy. The shake has now become a breakfast staple! They say it takes 30 days to change a habit, well on the 6 Day Slam plan it took me 3 days to incorporate these healthy changes into my life for good. The 6 Day Slam Plan was a great success for me and I believe doable by all.”

Susan Munro

Owner of Hybrid Edit

” I have tried many cleansing diets, like the Master Cleanse or juice cleanses and have always felt so deprived that I would either quit before I reached my goal or be a total nightmare to be around. Being a mother of two, working, and strenuously working out 4-5 times a week, my body needs fuel! The SLAM Plan created a perfect balance. I felt clean and light but my hunger was always satisfied so I wasn’t tempted to cheat. The Plan allows for a lot of flexibility in order to cater to your daily needs. I could omit or add different meals or snacks depending on my activity level. I am very excited to have the resource the Slam Plan provides whenever I need to kick my body back into a balance that lets me feel great about myself and my food.”

Kelli Norman

Hairstylist Object Salon In Santa Monica

“I did not weigh myself before or after doing the 6 day Slam Plan. Although there is a tiny part of me that is curious to know what the data might be…there is a larger part of me that is happier NOT knowing. WHY? Because it doesn’t matter how much I lost, what matters is that I felt AMAZING! Yup! I felt awesome! For the last 9 months I have been
struggling to get back on to my workout routine. I was (in a former life) a serious worker-outer. It was series of spurts, bursts and stops and starts…but I finally got that train a rolling and got back on a regular exercise routine. I felt better. But I still wasn’t feeling 100%. I wasn’t seeing the changes in my body that I craved. My last hurdle was my food! I was under eating most of the time and over eating at the WORST times. I felt unsuccessful in my workouts because my energy was lack luster. I was headachy, bloated, cranky and tired….A LOT! I think my boyfriend was getting over hearing about how “mushy” I felt in my clothes. When the opportunity to participate in the Slam Plan came up, it was my wake up call. Here was a step by step program…it had ALL of the food and the food timing laid out for me….It could not have been easier…AND IT WAS ONLY FOR 6 DAYS. You can do ANYTHING for 6 days! Right? I got most of the supplies I needed from the Body Inspired Fitness website (how easy is that?) And the rest on a shopping trip to Whole Foods. I didn’t have to think about what to eat…I just followed the instructions and even set reminders on my iPhone. BEST of all…I learned to prep all of my food for the day, even the whole week! It was easier than I thought it would be. It made my day to day eating run much more smoothly. I did not find myself hungry at 3:00 in the afternoon and without a healthy snack prepped and ready for me. I was afraid I was going to feel tired and sluggish during my workouts…nope! I was a Rock Star! I had more energy, more focus…it was actually as if the synapses in my brain
were firing faster! I slept better, I woke up feeling refreshed rather than still tired. I couldn’t have cared less about the weight that I was losing and the body fat that I was shrinking (and I DID lose and I DID shrink) because I felt amazing! (how many times can I express this? There just aren’t enough exclamation points!) I felt awake, alert, energized and glowing from the inside out! I even added in extra workouts! I realized that I could be on this food program and make it work for me, my life and my schedule. I can’t call it the 6 Day Slam Plan anymore…because I am still going strong! I am following a food program that fits my lifestyle easily and makes me feel….Awesome! AND to be honest…much less mushy in my clothes!”

Eliza Martin

Stay at Home Single (Super) Mom of Two Teenage boys and fitness junkie.

After training with Angela for the last 8 months, I felt like I needed to focus on my eating habits as I moved forward into optimal fitness. With the 6 Day SLAM Plan, I was able to really focus on exactly what and when I should eat. I found the first day a little intimidating with all of the food prep, but once that is all done it’s smooth sailing – tupperware was vital for me! There were feelings of hunger from time to time, but it was always mild and easily handled with a drink of water. The focus on water intake helped pace the days along and reminded me that I don’t drink as much water as I should. All in all, I felt this journey was well worth the time and effort. I feel lighter and more food-conscious than before I started the 6 Day SLAM Plan. The pre-workout snack gave me great energy for my week’s workouts, which allowed me to push myself further through the exercises. I even got used to the shake! Angela’s email support was much appreciated during the plan as well.


Thaddeus Hadley

I loved the SLAM program! I have been eating too much and not as clean as I’d like due to work and travel for the last month, and the SLAM program really got me back on track. I have been drinking the Maca shakes for a month or so, but adding the cocoa and fiber powder made them even thicker and yummier! I felt really full after them and got my
sweet fix (which I desperately need). The oil and avocado and nuts also kept me feeling full all day. This is a great program to get you back on track. Great habits to pick up. Thanks, Angela!


Tracy K.

BIF Addict & Senior Director, Marketing

Meet Angela Parker

Last Import-97Let’s face it – diets freakin’ suck! Starving yourself is stupid and skinny is just not hot. THAT is why I had to create a food program for real people that love food, enjoy working out, are too busy to read a 200 page book, and want to get their shit together in record time. I founded my Los Angeles based company, Body Inspired Fitness,  in 2003 on the belief that anybody, anywhere, of any age, size, & fitness level can be in a truly healthy, happy, and vibrant place. I have great professional certifications, done some cool shit on TV, wrote funny and inspiring articles, have Skype clients all over the world, created the longest running outdoor fitness program in West L.A., and think THIS is how we should all approach working out.

I want you to respect, honor and listen to your body – right where it is today. Everyday we force, stress, push, and struggle our way into attaining results & being “better.” Instead, I encourage you to slow the fuck down, listen, and connect – this will allow you to completely transform your approach of what it means to become fit, healthy, happy, and whole.

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